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Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer a Certificate III course in 2024.

AHC33816 Certificate III in Permaculture 2023

National ID: AHC33816

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Are you ready to take your permaculture skills to the next level? In this accredited qualification we will get you working on permaculture projects, researching plants, animals and weather, propagating plants, building, and much more.

This qualification relates to those individuals who work either independently or in teams to establish and maintain permaculture systems for private clients, organisations or community entities. They perform tasks involving a broad range of skilled applications in a wide variety of contexts, which may involve application of some discretion and judgement in selecting equipment, elements in a design or contingency measures.

The qualification is suited to learners who wish to work at the skilled tradesman level within permaculture projects and enterprises, and may involve supervision of others and working with people of diverse backgrounds and abilities.
No occupational licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication.

This course is delivered face-to-face on twelve weekends over the course of the year (200 contact hours), plus additional optional Zoom meetings, study time at home for research, projects and assessments (plan in 700 hours).

Contact weekends dates:

January 28/29th

February 25/26th

March 25/26th

April 22/23rd

May 20/21st

June 24/25th

July 29/30th

August 26/27th

September 23/24th

October 21/22nd

November 18/19th

December 2/3rd


Training occurs at locations all over the Perth metro and hills area, with excursions and field trips to various properties, including at least one overnight stay in the wheatbelt.

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