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Diploma in Permaculture 2022

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This qualification provides occupation outcomes for individuals to work in a leadership capacity for organisations, groups or enterprises. They require a whole system approach to planning, designing, managing and implementing integrated permaculture projects and programs, permaculture community programs, and the operation of permaculture enterprises.

The qualification is suited to learners who wish to work within organisations and enterprises where skills in strategic planning and project management, natural system and land use planning, and specialist permaculture design are required. Work is likely to involve working with teams of people at the strategic level as well as working with people of diverse backgrounds and abilities.

This qualification is delivered face-to-face on twelve weekends over the course of the year (200 contact hours), plus additional study time at home for research, projects and assessments (plan in 1000 hours).

Contact weekends are as follows:

January 22/23rd

February 12/13th

March 12/13th

April 9/10th

May 14/15th

June 11/12th

July 2/3rd

August 6/7th

September 10/11th

October 15/16th

November 19/20th

December 10/11th

Price: $2,900
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