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Activate Tree Planting Season is Starting

Activate Tree Planting has over the last three years become part of my family. My tree planting family to be exact, or Ngala Boorna Moort, a name we proudly received from our Noongar elders last year.

Activate was founded by Rosanne and Thom Scott in 2000, so essentially developed out of Perth City Farm – funny how all my paths seem to align and lead me in the same direction at the moment.

Activate Tree Planting combines festival vibes, music, art, great food, and community building with tree planting. Imagine you’re planting trees by day, while a DJ plays music for you in the field. At night there are fires, live music, and a big party with more DJs.

The biggest tree planting event of 2024 will take place at Katter Kich (Wave Rock). The aim is to plant 50,000 trees with the help of 300 ticketed tree planters and 50 volunteer organisers. Last year, we planted the same amount, though after the brutal summer we just had, we are not sure about survival rates yet. But we won’t give up and will add to what has survived.

My role in Activate is ‘Kitchen Witch’. I am part of the team cooking five meals a day to feed 350 hungry mouths. It is no small feat doing that, but I couldn’t imagine a more rewarding job there. Our food is organic, ethically sourced, and everything is cooked from scratch, avoiding plastic waste as much as possible. No corners are cut, you won’t even find tea bags at Activate. We even make our own oat milk. Permaculture ethics are at work in the Activate kitchens – Care for People, Care for Earth and Fair Share!

Activate is as much about community building as it is about planting trees. Our tree planters are of all ages and backgrounds, sharing the common goal of healing the land. We share the work, songs and stories by the fire, food, and sometimes exhausted tears. Once you have experienced Activate, you become part of Ngala Boorna Moort.

If you want to find our more, click here and follow Activate Tree Planting on Facebook.

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