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Rod Hughes worked nearly three decades in environmental management, especially in river and catchment management. This included more than 10 years running the state government agency, the Swan River Trust.

He completed a life changing PDC at Fair Harvest in Margaret River… which genuinely did sow the seeds of a change in life.

He followed up with an advanced permie design certificate, quit his job, completed a Diploma in Permaculture at Candlelight Farm and set up his permaculture design and teaching consultancy, Leafcutter Permaculture.

Rod spent several years living on and restoring 136-acres of a mostly bush property in the Chittering Valley, north-east of Perth and was involved in setting up the Bullsbrook Community Garden.

Since mid-2018, he has been Farm Manager at Perth City Farm where he grows some fruit and veg, looks after a few chooks and ducks and talks lots about compost.

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