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“This course has changed my life” and “I look at everything around me differently” are sentences we often hear from students.

A 10-day Permaculture Design Course (PDC) will open your eyes to a range of topics and show you the connections between ecology, landscape design, agriculture and our lifestyles . Not only will you gain experience and knowledge, many of our students make friends for life in our courses.


In this 72-hour course, you will gain an internationally recognised qualification that prepares you well for further study and work in the permaculture field.  In Australia, Accredited Permaculture Training offers nationally recognized courses ranging from high school level Certificate I and II Permaculture to Certificate III, IV and a Diploma outside of high schools.  These are delivered throughout Perth and the South West. Job opportunities can be found in landscape design, consulting with clients and councils, teaching, farming, ecological restoration, nursery work.

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In our PDC, you will learn about

  • the ethics and principles of permaculture and how to use them in decision-making

  • how to design gardens and farms that work with nature, rather than against

  • management of water, soil and nutrients on your property

  • designing integrated plant and animal systems

  • community building and social permaculture

  • the interconnectedness of all life on earth

We follow the curriculum set out by the Permaculture Institute with additional topics such as community building, the non-monetary economy, transition initiatives and alternative governance.

Our inspiring tour hosts will demonstrate different approaches to managing their properties, gardens and working with local community and how we can incorporate this to better prepare for making our own decisions aroundfuture food shortages and disasters as well as managing our environment and ecology.

A balance of theory and practical exercises will cater for different learning styles and an inclusive and warm atmosphere will make everyone feel welcome in our course.

We offer a variety of practical exercises and demonstrations that may include composting, brewing compost tea, seed saving, planting, plant propagation and tool sharpening, companion planting, soil preparation, wiser ways with water, alternative technology (cakes for morning tea baked in a solar oven and tea from the rocket stove!) just to name a few.  These can vary on the season and the timetable.

sit.  Full terms and conditions for payment options are found in Trybooking when you book online. 

The course fee includes

  • 72 hours of teaching as set out by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in their original course

  • our 180-page course booklet

  • site visits to several well-known permaculture gardens in Perth and Fremantle

  • all the tea and coffee you can drink plus unbelievably delicious vegan and gluten-free morning and afternoon teas

  • seeds and cuttings to start your own permaculture paradise

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Course Structure

We offer different course structures to suit your schedule. From two weeks full-time (Mon-Fri for two consecutive weeks) and weekender courses to 1-day/week courses, we hope to offer an option that fits your life.

For larger groups, we can offer extra courses according to your schedule, but do require a minimum of 8 bookings for the course.

Payment Options

Early bird discounts are available up to 6 weeks prior to the course commencement and together with our standard ticketing prices, we offer discounts for couples as well as deposits with payment plans to accommodate everyone’s personal circumstances.

All tickets are made through our Trybooking account including direct depo

Click on each course for more info and pricing structure.
Early bird prices are valid until 6 weeks prior to course begin.

2023 Permaculture Design Certificate Courses

Saturday Part-time Course:
One Saturday a month for the year
18 Feb 2023

 9am -5pm, Ecoburbia Beaconsfield

Term 2 Part-time Course:
Ten consecutive Wednesdays
starting 26 April 2023

 9am -5pm, Yoga Prana, Martin

Term 3 Part-time Course:

Ten consecutive Thursdays

starting 20 July 2023

 9am -5pm, Ecoburbia, Beaconsfield

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