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Hey there, green thumbs and eco-warriors! Have you already done a Permaculture Design Course (PDC) and you are craving more? You would like to study further? Or you are interested in working as a permaculture designer but you don’t have the confidence to do whole designs on your own yet?

Advanced Permaculture Design Course & Mentorship

Brand new course in 2024!

Join us for
10 whole weekends of Permaculture – 4 real-client designs –
Permie blitzes & Building projects – 2 camping weekends at permaculture farms – Regenerative tree planting weekend in collaboration with Activate Tree Planting -
And much more

What is included?

  • Join us for ten fun weekends of face-to-face classes and practical projects at different locations in the Perth metro area and the wheatbelt

  • One group Zoom meeting a month to discuss design projects

  • Two one-on-one mentoring sessions over the year for each student to review your own designs

  • Experiencing lots of permaculture sites and meeting other practitioners.


27-28 July
31 August - 1 September
21-22 September
26-27 October
23-24 November

25-26 January

22-23 February

22-23 March

26-27 April

17-18 May


  • Two camping weekends in the wheatbelt

  • Activate Tree Planting festival to experience a regenerative native planting event

  • Google Drive with extensive downloadable study materials

  • Facebook group and chat to connect (non obligatory)

  • Your group will be your instant permaculture community!

Skills you learn:

  • Advanced Permaculture design skills to take your designs to the next level

  • Project management

  • Water management & reticulation

  • Plant & Animal knowledge

  • Plant propagation

  • Regenerative native planting

  • Off-grid power and water systems

  • Building with reclaimed materials

  • Social permaculture & Community design

Pricing Structure

Full-price $3,300

Early-bird $3,100 (until 31 May 2024)

Couple/Friendship ticket for two $6,200

Early-bird Couple/Friendship $5,900

Available with a payment plan. Minimum down payment of $1,000 at time of booking.

Frequently asked questions:

Do I need to have done a PDC to enrol in this course?

This is an advanced course that requires a sound base of basic permaculture knowledge, however you have acquired it. If in doubt, shoot us a message and we can discuss. If you are a beginner, this course might be more suitable for you.

Is there homework between our meetings?

You will get as much out of this course as you put in. While there isn't set obligatory homework, there will be additional reading or working on the designs that you should participate in, if possible.

I don't have any camping gear or experience, is that a problem?

Don't worry, we're not out bush but on farms. And we can definitely help with gear as well.

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