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Brand-new Advanced Permaculture Design Course!

Hey there, green thumbs and eco-warriors! Have you already done a Permaculture Design Course (PDC) and you are craving more? You would like to study further? Or you are interested in working as a permaculture designer but you don’t have the confidence to do whole designs on your own yet? We are about to drop something special for you - the Advanced Permaculture Design Course & Mentorship starting on 24th February 2024! This is your chance to level up and make a bigger impact. Most importantly though, this course will be a lot of fun!

What's in store for you?

1. Advanced Design Techniques

Get ready to geek out on some serious permaculture magic! Instead of just talking about design methodologies, you will design for real-life clients on this course. We're taking things to the next level! There will be a couple of pro-bono designs, working with charities that make our heart sing, and two paying clients that will offset the costs of the pro-bonos.

2. Social Permaculture & Community Resilience

Permaculture isn't just about plants and animals; it's about people too! In this course, we're diving deep into social permaculture. The pro-bono designs we’re doing will have a strong social permaculture component, focusing on building community and empowering people that fall through the cracks in our system. Strengthen your project management skills with communication and conflict resolution techniques, and let's build resilient communities together!

3. Ethical Entrepreneurship

Who says permaculture can't get your business brain buzzing? We're about to show you how! Learn the art of ethical entrepreneurship with a permaculture twist. It's all about building businesses that give back to the planet while making hay while the sun shines (the eco-friendly kind, of course).

4. Permie blitzes and building projects

Alright, let's get real and hands-on with this stuff! You won't just learn - you'll get out there and do it! We’ll permie blitz at least one of our charity designs and you’ll do a building project with reclaimed materials, turning trash into treasure permie-style. Time to roll up your sleeves and create some positive change!

5. Regeneration

We will also participate in a regenerative native planting event in collaboration with Activate Tree Planting, where you will learn lots about reforestation of the Wheatbelt, regenerating salty land and creating wildlife links. If you haven't heard about Activate before, you're in for a treat. Their popular events sell out within minutes and include DJs and live music, great food and interesting workshops.

Why You Should Embark on This Permaculture Adventure

By joining the Advanced Permaculture Design Course & Mentorship, you'll get:

- Heaps more knowledge to build on what you’ve learned during your PDC. Some of the topics we will cover are soil restoration, weather, water management, appropriate technology and off-grid living, as well as plant propagation. Extensive resources provided for further reading, watching and listening.

- Mentorship for your projects outside of the course. Each of you will get two one-on-one sessions to discuss the design for your own property or first client designs you are doing outside of this course.

- Your Permie Dream Team that will be your tribe for this year and long beyond. Together, you'll be an unstoppable force for good!

- Action, Action, Action - This is no theory class; it's all about making a difference. Get ready to implement your skills with your very own projects.

- Personal Growth & Nature Vibes - Our camping weekends will foster a deeper connection with nature and bond you as a team.

- Don't Miss Out on the Permaculture Party! - There will also be lots of laughs and fun, good food and campfires.

Alright, now that you're pumped up and ready to roll, mark your calendars - we start on 24th February 2024 - and get in on the Advanced Permaculture Design Course & Mentorship by the Permaculture Educator Alliance.

For dates, price and all the other details you’ll need, click here.

Let's deep-dive into permaculture awesomeness together and create a greener, more sustainable world. It's time to take your passion to the next level! See you there, permie-superheroes! 🌿🌎

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